The 2008 Profile of the U.S. Commercial Truck Market, analyzing the universe of Classes 2c through 8 trucks, trailers and buses, is now available from Newport Communications Group.
As with previous Newport Profiles, it provides
a clear, unbiased picture of commercial vehicle ownership and usage. It has no connection with magazine circulation, survey projections or other possibly prejudicial market size estimates.
The Profile documents the universe by vocational ownership and fleet sizes, ranging from owner-operators with 1-4 trucks to giant fleets of 500-plus. This is followed by analysis of how many companies own trucks in each of six vocations - and the sizes of those companies.
Also included is a history of truck and trailer universe growth/shrinkage, which establishes trends in who's buying, their fleet sizes and the types of vehicles they seek.
In addition, the Profile drills down into each vocation and documents truck and trailer counts, how the vocation functions, and statistics on its annual mileage and buying practices.
The commercial vehicle database of MacKay and Co., leading research and data supplier to the trucking industry, was the starting point in developing the Profile. A series of tabulations and database checks against other sources refined the data. This freed the Profile of distortions caused by counting multiple state registrations of the same vehicles, and/or duplicate counts of vehicles in owners' headquarters and terminals.
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For more information on the 2008 Profile, contact BJ Spearing at (949) 225-7908.