Safety Link International Inc. is now marketing its latest design in lug nut management and torque monitoring systems. The new Acorn Design is available in white and chrome finish and can be ordered in most any color
if the order is large enough.
"Truckers spend good money on their wheels and want a good-looking lug nut cover for them," said Trevor Wardle, who, along with Jim Adams, is a co-founder of Safety Link International.
He said the chrome effect has been produced to satisfy numerous customer requests, and the Safety Link Acorn is not susceptible to falling off the nut.
The new Acorn Clip design allows the entire lug nut to be encased, thereby protecting the lug nuts and the studs from road sludge and chemicals that cause corrosion to the wheel attachment system.
Safety Link International designs, manufactures and distributes wheel nut retention devices. The clips interlock in a complete circle around the wheel, preventing the loss of lug nuts, which is the leading cause of wheel separation. The interlocking feature allows a lug nut to move only 6 degrees then prevents further movement. If a lug nut does move, a warning indicator on the clip will alert the driver or shop personnel signaling a need for inspection and re-torque.
For more information, visit or call (972) 789-1150 or (888) 687-3933.