Par Logistics Management Systems along with Advantage PressurePro LLC have introduced a real-time tire pressure management system for the transportation industry.
Par Logistics, with expertise in GPS solutions, and PressurePro,
which markets the PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitoring System, have joined forces to bring tire pressure management into the world of real-time telematics.
The system allows trailer managers to have real-time information on trailer location, temperature, fuel levels and door activity while also receiving critical alerts on reefer failures, rapid fuel loss and now, insufficient tire pressure.
Automated alerts arrive in e-mails and text message cell phones, informing managers of low pressure, reefer failure and rapid fuel consumption.
With both PAR and PressurePro products offering easy installation and use, this alliance brings additions to savings and safety. Combined, the systems provide the tire pressure information needed to increase fuel efficiency, cut downtime, extend tire life and improve handling and performance while also providing a complete management system contributing engine diagnostics, tracking and more.