Wix Filters engineers have designed a new aftermarket air filter that the company claims outperforms the original equipment for Mack Truck applications. The new Wix 42808 increases filter capacity over the OE design by 25 percent
and wet capacity/filter life by better than 14 percent, while equaling the efficiency of the OE filter, Wix says.
The Wix 42808 features polyurethane radial seals and metal end caps on the closed end. The design provides increased filter element strength, a stronger cross section of sealing material, greater media stabilization and capacity, and a handle that allows for easier handling by technicians.
Bill Stamey, heavy-duty product engineering manager for Wix Filters, says, "We know the little things, like the handle on the end cap, make installation and removal of what can be a 20-pound dirt-filled filter easier for technicians."
The Wix 42808 differs in form from the OE design by eliminating the centering cone in the end cap. The Wix end cap ID fits within the housing lid draw, while the lid holds the filter down on the top end cap surface. The molded polyurethane radial seals improve sealing capability and fit.
In addition, the filter features six smooth, non-stringy, non-flaking hot melt stabilization beads, providing a strong cross section of material for increased media stabilization. This is achieved during manufacturing by applying the smooth hot melt stabilizing bead, without mechanical contact, with the hot melt bead. The bead is driven into the media and expanded metal with an air jet.
These processes give the Wix 42808 a clean appearance and even pleat spacing of the T-542 corrugated media.
For more information, visit www.wixfilters.com.