Chicago Pneumatic has added the CP7600 to its BlueTork line, creating a wheel-fastening tools with the functions of an impact and a torque wrench in one product to achieve a precise and accurate tightening the first time.

"The CP7600 replaces two wrenches, bringing the process of wheel tightening into a new world of safety for both mechanics and end users," said Paul Humphreys, global communications manager for Chicago Pneumatic Vehicle Service Division, which launched the line in 2006 and added improvements and modifications to the new assortment this year.
"The BlueTork family of fastening tools provides a layer of security to the wheel tightening process, assuring no under- or over-tightening of bolts, which can cause wheels to break loose from their mounts," Humphreys said. "BlueTork is designed to help commercial truck and bus technicians service vehicles back to their original, blueprint torque specifications."
The CP BlueTork range consists of torque limiting (shut off), vibration free, low-noise pneumatic and electric runners, and Wheel Assembly Machines. The tools enable technicians to re-set torque and angle specifications for each use, providing accurate, precise tightening to the original equipment manufacturer's guidelines.
Additionally, BlueTork tools were designed for the health and safety of the user. They are ergonomically designed and offer reduced noise and vibration, in a low-effort operation. The BlueTork tool assortment also includes torque and angle measuring equipment, computer controlled tightening wrenches and precision measuring tools. BlueTork products record data including torque, angle, time and date with serial numbers and operator information if necessary, providing an added sense of security through proper documentation of accurate tightening.
The CP7600 is available in four versions: the CP7600 with one torque setting in forward only; the CP7600R with one torque setting with forward and reverse; the CP7600-4P which features four torque settings in forward only; and, the CP7600R-4P, featuring four torque settings with forward and reverse. The torque specifications can be preset to fleet requirements from 400-650 pounds-feet. In addition to a low weight for easy handling, the CP7600 features a simple swing bar reaction mechanism for easy alignment and quick operation.
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