Wabco, which provides electronic braking, stability, suspension and transmission control systems for the commercial vehicle industry, has launched Wabco Tire Premium Seal, a first-aid kit for leaking commercial vehicles tires.

In the event of a leaking tire, Wabco Tire Premium Seal makes the repair process simpler, quicker and safer than changing a wheel and reduces vehicle downtime. Using Wabco Tire Premium Seal, a tire can be temporarily repaired and inflated in about 10 minutes. Most puncture holes caused by a nail or a bolt can be reliably sealed and the tire re-used instantly.
Jean-Francois Barth, Wabco vice president of aftermarket, said fleet owners can benefit even more by combining the new Wabco Tire Premium Seal with the firm's Integrated Vehicle Tire Pressure Monitoring System (IVTM). "Once IVTM has detected a leak, Wabco Tire Premium Seal enables the driver to seal the tire within a few minutes, reducing downtime and the risk of accidents to a minimum," he said.
Each Wabco Tire Premium Seal kit comes packaged in a rugged case that includes a sealant bottle, a valve extractor, a hose and a tire pressure gauge. The kit can be stored on the truck for up to eight years.