Cadec Global, a New Hampshire-based provider of advanced fleet management solutions, has published a case study on customer Gibson Energy Ltd., which is using a paperless trucking fleet management solution from Cadec.

Based in Calgary, Canada, Gibson Energy Ltd. develops, implements and supports midstream solutions for the oil and gas industry, moving oil, gas and other energy-related products between producers and refiners. The company runs an owner-operated fleet of more than 660 tanker trucks.
Recently, Gibson's transportation management group sought to remove paper from its fleet management process. Its top priorities were to track truck movements across Gibson's wide rural territory, and to capture data from the trucks and relay it back to the yard via a terrestrial cell network.
Now, Gibson is able to send dispatch details to trucks via the Cadec On-Board Computer (OBC); the Cadec OBC returns details such as volume and density of product back to dispatch. No paper is required and the data is conveyed in real time, so customers can get up-to-the-minute details on their deliveries from Gibson.
"We are the beginning of the supply chain for our customers," said Larry Bilton, manager of Accounting and Technology for Truck Transportation for Gibson. "We pick up crude oil from a well, often unmapped, and bring it to a transport point. It's not until that point that the customer receives confirmation of the volume we picked up and can start to track product through the system. We can add a lot of value for customers by enabling them to track the process electronically right from the start."

Cadec's software has enabled Gibson to:
• Move to a completely paperless integrated dispatch/fleet management system
• Provide customers with real-time truck and delivery status
• Reduce the month-end close process from three days to one.

Download the full case study at .