Solar-powered keyless entry are now available for the A.R.E. line of fiberglass tonneau covers.
The SolARay solar-powered keyless entry system allows drivers to remotely lock and unlock A.R.E.'s LSX and LSII tonneau covers
using solar energy, giving users quick access to their truck beds.
SolARay works by mounting an aerodynamic solar panel measuring less than a tenth of an inch above the tonneau cover's lock and attaching a sleek battery pack to the inside center of the cover.
"We are happy to offer SolARay as a convenient option for truck owners, who will no longer need to tap into their truck's power source or change batteries in order to have the functionality of remote keyless entry," said Bryan Baker, director of marketing, A.R.E. "The solar panel is weather proof, UV stable and holds up to 60 locks/unlock uses, so it will stay powered even when you're working in your garage late at night. Plus, the product is self-contained with no wires to deal with in the truck bed."
In addition to the keyless entry function, the product also features six lift-activated LED lights that automatically turn on when the tonneau cover is opened.
SolARay is available factory installed with the purchase of an A.R.E. tonneau cover or it can be bought separately at an authorized A.R.E. dealer. For a complete list of dealers, visit