J. J. Keller & Associates now offers seven regulation-based training topics available in-cab via IdleAire's Advanced Travel Center Electrification (ATE) technology platform.
With J. J. Keller's in-cab training at IdleAire stations,
drivers can stay on the road and still receive the training they need on both regulatory and safety awareness topics. Drivers have easy access to a variety of video-based training and can take associated quizzes directly through the ATE platform. Quiz results are sent via e-mail to the designated fleet representative.

The new regulatory-based titles offered include:
• Hours of Service: A Driver's Guide covers the "hows" and "whys" of logging and clearly explains the requirements under DOT's HOS rule.
• CMV Driver Basics provides refresher training for veteran drivers. It provides a review of critical entry-level driver topics including driver qualification, driver wellness, whistleblower protection, and the importance of hours of service.
• Alcohol & Drug Testing: Driver Awareness provides an overview of DOT's alcohol and drug testing requirements and covers 11 key areas required under 49 CFR 382.601(b).
• Flatbed Cargo Securement covers proper securement techniques, working load limit and aggregate working load limit standards, when to re-examine and adjust cargo, and commodity-specific standards.
• Roadside Inspections helps prepare drivers for a roadside inspection. Covers the five levels of inspections, preparing the driver and vehicle, penalties and more.
• Hazmat Drivers: Training for Safe Transport covers hazmat classifications, the hazmat table, shipping papers, emergency response information, packaging, marking, labels, placards, loading and segregation.
• Truck Driver & Cargo Security discusses vital security measures drivers can use to spot danger signs and know how to respond.

Together, J. J. Keller and IdleAire provide drivers with in-cab, on-demand training on dozens of critical regulatory and skill-based subjects, from roadside inspections to speed and space management to alcohol and drug awareness.
IdleAire-equipped parking spaces deliver filtered heat and air conditioning, and a range of communications and entertainment options to truck cabs, allowing drivers to shut off their engines while resting and enjoy state-of-the-art amenities.
For more information about how J. J. Keller's in-cab training programs can be accessed via IdleAire, or for a list of topics and prices, visit www.jjkeller.com/idleaire/home.htm.