Voodoo Ride, a manufacturer of premier vehicle appearance products, co-founded by Dale Earnhardt Jr., is now offering a new synthetic liquid polish called Silq.
Chris Ferraro, president, CEO and co-founder of Voodoo Ride,
said, "Silq is formulated with 11 distinct ingredients and two dedicated silicones that greatly enhance shine and durability. Silq is also non-abrasive, uses cosmetic grade powders and contains zero fillers. With more and more people keeping their vehicles longer, Silq is the perfect solution to help protect their investment."
Silq is a one-step cleaner, polish and sealant that provides long-lasting, high-gloss protection to clear coat and all finishes. It is manufactured with advanced polymers and UV inhibitors that bond to the paint surface creating barrier protection while adding extreme depth and shine. Silq contains no harmful abrasives, solvents or acids.
For more information, call (312) 944-0465 or visit www.voodooride.com.