Mobile Awareness LLC has released a new wireless parking sensor system geared toward commercial trucks with trailers, as well as utility vehicles, buses and RVs.
Commercial vehicle owners now have an effective means to help prevent backing accidents
that can often result in personal injury, property damage and increased insurance expense.
Activated automatically when reverse gear is engaged, drivers are alerted to objects behind their vehicle with both an audible (active) and visual indicator (LED display). The waterproof sensors work in all weather conditions and provide the location of an obstacle within four areas behind the vehicle, accurate to within a half an inch.
Based on a design optimized for long vehicles such as commercial trucks pulling trailers, the Mobile Awareness MA-WPSS-4M17 Wireless Parking Sensor System has features not readily found on other backing systems. By example, the Truck & Trailer Exchange function allows a truck equipped with the Warning Display Unit (WDU) to detect the ECU/Sensors located on more than one trailer. "We wanted to provide a solution for the trucking industry that facilitated the exchange of trailers," said Gary Rothstein, president of Mobile Awareness. "The WDU can be matched with other ECU/sensors installed on additional trailers. It's as simple as holding the setting button when reverse gear is engaged to identify and connect with the new trailer."
Developed using a leading-edge wireless technology, the system is economical to install and maintain. The waterproof sensors and ECU (Electronic Control Unit) mount with just 10 screws and two wires connected to the backing lights. The dash mounted Warning Display Unit (WDU) only requires a power and ground connection to complete the installation.
Other unique features include the ability to adjust the furthest end location of the vehicle due to overhanging objects such as a trailer hitch or extended bumpers. Additionally, the monitor displays all zones simultaneously in real-time and includes a wireless signal strength meter.
Cleveland, Ohio-based Mobile Awareness designs and markets transportation safety products. The company provides accident prevention solutions for commercial transportation professionals.
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