The new FreightScan FS100 automated dimensioning system enables cargo and logistics companies to collect accurate and reliable dimensions and calculate chargeable weight for multiple packages, in all configurations, with a single scan,
in a matter of seconds. It uses D.I.M.M. Tech (Defined Imaging and Multiple Measurement Technology).
"FreightScan's new 3D imaging FS100 system permits all cargo from single packages to shrink-wrapped skids to be scanned in seconds, and even scans multiple packages simultaneously," says Andre L. Johnson, founder and CEO of FreightScan LLC. "The system captures a digital and laser image for 100 percent of scanned freight, and incorporates that visual record with every waybill."
The FreightScan FS100 system is compact and installs virtually anywhere in a warehouse, 15 feet off the floor. It is capable of scanning a one-lot shipment in four seconds, and a multi-lot system in 6 to 8 seconds, delivering individual dims for each package to within 1 inch of accuracy.
The new technology is being demonstrated in several pilot programs, including one with Estes Express Lines, RIchmond, Va., which offers truckload, less-than-truckload and dedicated shipmens, as well as consolidation/distribution services, warehousing, and expedited airfreight forwarding services.