The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. has developed commercial-duty light-truck tires that address the stringent regulations established by the federal TREAD Act. Unveiling its new Armor Max Technology, Goodyear introduced
four new light-truck tires for commercial use.
Steve McClellan, vice president of Goodyear's commercial tire systems, said, "The TREAD Act's testing is intense," adding the company has developed tires for rugged urban and off-road applications.
Goodyear developed four new load-range E tire models: Unisteel G949 RSA and G947 RSS all-position tires and Unisteel G933 RSD and G971 drive tires for heavy pickups, delivery vans and trucks up to 14,000 pounds gross vehicle weight (Class 3). A complete line of retreads also is available for use with Armor Max tires.
The tires, McClellan said, are constructed with steel-reinforced sidewalls and steel belts, providing long mileage and casings for multiple retreads, which help drive down overall life-cycle costs and deliver value to fleets.
In enacting the TREAD Act in 2000, the United States established reporting procedures on tire performance, new testing standards, information labeling on tires and a warning system to drivers when a tire is significantly under inflated. "These tires surpassed all standards in endurance, high-speed and low-inflation pressure testing," McClellan said.
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