Image: Instructional Technologies

Image: Instructional Technologies

Instructional Technologies Inc., providers of training solutions for the transportation industry, has announced an automated web-based learning management system called Sentix designed for scheduling, tracking, verifying, and managing training.

“Automation and integration are the keys to the power of Sentix,” said Aaron Purvis, CTO of ITI. "As a next-generation learning management system, Sentix shoulders much of the repetitive burden of managing training. It can automate assignments for new hires, schedule training before an endorsement expires, or trigger corrective training based on an event or trend.”

Sentix features a customizable web-based portal and dashboard and can integrate with any fleet management system, according to ITI. The platform users APIs to transportation management and other enterprise systems to give safety and training departments the ability to:

  • Automatically assign training based on criteria such as hire date, training requirements, incidents, policies, and regulations
  • Proactively track the expiration of licenses, medical certificates, and endorsements
  • Share data between back-office systems to save time and improve accuracy
  • Run reports based on a wide range of parameters on individual drivers and groups such as company divisions

“All of this is possible because we built Sentix to integrate with other systems used in the transportation industry Sentix helps fleets reduce liability by more quickly changing dangerous or expensive behavior, more easily meeting safety or compliance requirements, and more securely connecting training to your fleet's other systems,” said Purvis.

Fleets will be able to customize how Sentix automates the training process at their fleet, to tailor it to each fleet's needs. The company says it will also be able to help make changes if it is needed. Fleets can also upload their own content related to training, and ITI will ensure that it is optimized if needed or assist with the process. 

Sentix is currently in beta testing and will be available on Nov. 1. For more information, click here