International RH Series regional-haul tractor .  Photos :  International Trucks

International RH Series regional-haul tractor. Photos: International Trucks

MONTREAL --  International Trucks rolled out its RH Series, a new Class 8 regional-haul tractor here on April 20 at the ExpoCam truck show. The OEM said the RH was designed with driver input to help improve uptime, visibility, and fuel economy over similarly equipped models.

RH Series trucks will be powered by the International A26 12.4L engine and will feature design improvements aimed at improving uptime, including reliability and serviceability enhancements. These features include:

  • Cab wiring with all-new harnessing and an in-cab power distribution module that is inside the truck, away from the elements.
  • All key service points under the hood, inside the cab, and around the vehicle are ergonomically designed for easy access and servicing, and many components have been engineered with longer intervals between required maintenance.
  • The new single-canister aftertreatment system is not just 60% smaller and 40% lighter, but is also simplified for quicker servicing

"The new International RH Series continues our commitment to build trucks that lead the industry in uptime," said Bill Kozek, president, truck and parts, Navistar. "We are confident this truck will continue to build on our momentum and be successful in the regional haul market."

The A26 engine is built from the MAN D26 engine crankcase and it produces up to 450 horsepower and 1,750 lb.-ft. of torque from a design that's 600-700 pounds lighter than a traditional 15L big bore engine, according to International.

The engine's components have been engineered to deliver improved uptime and fuel efficiency, reduced weight, and quiet operation. International said the A26 is well suited for beverage, bulk haul, and other regional-haul applications.

International said the RH interior is designed around how a driver will interact with the truck from the inside.

International said the RH interior is designed around how a driver will interact with the truck from the inside.

The RH was also designed with driver visibility in mind with new windows and mirrors to improve side visibility.

The interior is designed around how a driver will interact with the truck from the inside. Features like a large swept-back windshield, optimized mirror placement, and an aerodynamic sloped hood for a clearer view, were aimed at improving visibility in the RH.

The interior also features a premium gauge cluster with a digital driver display that places everything within reach of a driver, while offering real-time monitoring of fuel economy and other important alerts. The new display also offers up to 15 customizable digital gauges. Additionally, the air horn was relocated back to its "traditional, intuitive position" over the driver door in response to overwhelming driver feedback.

Maneuverability was also improved in the RH. An inside wheel cut of up to 50 degrees provides a curb-to-curb turning radius of 27 feet, 10 inches to help drivers navigate city streets.

“We drew upon the expertise of drivers to ensure that the RH Series is the most driver-centric Class 8 regional haul vehicle we've ever built," said Denny Mooney, senior vice president, global product development, Navistar. "Many of our customers tell us that their number-one challenge is attracting and retaining drivers, which is why we put so much effort into understanding and responding to drivers' needs. These improvements also contribute to increased driver ease of use that will boost the vehicle's productivity."

Aerodynamic improvements in the RH Series have decreased wind noise to improve driver comfort in the cab while also yielding up to a 6% improvement in fuel efficiency, according to International.

In addition, weight reduction was achieved by leveraging such technologies as a single- canister aftertreatment device, the International Ride Optimized Suspension, and aluminum fuel tank hangers, as well as the lighter A26 engine.

From a safety standpoint, the Bendix Wingman Advanced Collision Mitigation system comes standard in the RH Series – an industry first in the regional haul market, according to International.

The RH Series will be offered in multiple configurations, including day cab, 56-inch low roof sleeper, 56-inch hi-rise sleeper, day cab with roof fairing, and 56-inch hi-rise sleeper with roof fairing.