Photo: MiX Telematics

Photo: MiX Telematics

MiX Telematics announced an extension to its in-cab video solution, MiX Vision, adding two more cameras that can be mounted externally to increase coverage around a vehicle.

The cameras allow a customer to monitor and record activity happening around the vehicle for improved driver safety and visual evidence if required.

“Customers have been asking us to support more cameras for some time now,” said Catherine Lewis, executive vice president of technology at MiX Telematics. “By investing in the additional optional cameras, users can now have access to a wider range of footage. This will prove invaluable for those customers who want to enhance driver behavior, improve safety and reduce costs relating to false allegations.”

The two additional cameras are dust- and water-proof, and complement the tamper-proof in-cab unit, which has a road-facing camera and an infrared driver-facing camera. This allows for simultaneous capturing of road and in-cab video footage linked to a user-defined event.

Extended high-resolution videos are available on demand, offering accurate visual evidence before, during, and after an event. This gives more information to fleet operators when assessing a situation or accusation.

“What makes MiX Vision a compelling product, besides its proven safety features, is that it integrates seamlessly into MiX Telematics’ premium fleet management solution,” added Lewis. “This means one complete offering, one installation, one contract and one service provider.”