ATA's Chris Spear Photo: Evan Lockridge

ATA's Chris Spear Photo: Evan Lockridge

The American Trucking Associations has commissioned the American Transportation Research Institute to examine and quantify the trucking industry’s various charitable efforts.

During his first State of the Industry address back in October, ATA President and CEO Chris Spear announced that the organization would be launching a charitable foundation aimed at the industry’s "top priority." But to accomplish this task, ATA first needs to identify which charities the industry is already involved in. The results from the survey will help ATA to launch a focused campaign and foundation.

“From disaster relief efforts to community programs and from disease awareness to schools and youth organizations, we know trucking already supports a vast array of worthy causes,” said Spear. “This survey will helps us narrow that list down so we can focus our soon-to-be-launched foundation’s efforts.”

The survey can be taken online at or by clicking here. It asks respondents to break down their charitable efforts by individual or corporate, state, and value of contributions.

“As I said in October, I am certain our total charitable giving is in the billions of dollars, but in order to effectively tell the story of our industry’s generosity, we need to really understand all that trucking does to make our community better,” said Spear. “I’m looking forward to the results of ATRI’s survey and to the launch of our Foundation later this year.”