Photo: Love's Travel Stops

Photo: Love's Travel Stops

Love’s Travel Stops set a company store-opening record in 2016 by adding 47 new stores to its network of locations in 40 states.

This is the most stores opened in a single year in Love’s history, besting its previous best of 27 stores, which it set in 2015.

“2016 was a landmark year for Love’s. By opening 47 new stores across 20 states, we surpassed 400 locations and added more than 3,000 truck parking spaces to busy interstates and highways,” said Frank Love, co-CEO of Love’s. “We’re committed to serving our customers in as many ways as possible and part of that is adding more locations to provide services in areas where we didn’t offer coverage.”

In addition to 3,000 new truck parking spaces, Love’s also added more than 220 showers at new travel stops. The company also added three new restaurant partners in the year, bringing the total to 19. On the maintenance side, Love’s Truck Tire Care added more than 20 facilities for the year, bringing its total nationwide to more than 260 locations.

Love’s Truck Tire Care also expanded its offerings this year, including a focus on oil changes to the motor, transmission, and gear boxes. Love’s also offers preventive maintenance, including fluid levels, fluid and filter quality checks, and lube services.

Love’s opened seven new hotels adjacent to travel stops under nationally recognized hotel brands in 2016, giving customers access to a place to rest in close proximity to travel services and quick-service restaurants.

This year, Love’s also acquired Trillium CNG, a compressed natural gas company, solidifying Love’s long-term commitment to CNG as an alternative fueling option for fleets. Together, Love’s and Trillium operate 65 CNG facilities.