Photo via NJPass

Photo via NJPass

The New Jersey Department of Transportation has launched a new weigh station bypass service called NJPass, allowing pre-enrolled commercial truck fleets in the state to bypass weigh stations.

Partnering with International Road Dynamics, N.J. DOT developed a system that permits NJPass-equipped vehicles to bypass the three inbound weigh stations in the state. Theses weigh stations are located on Interstates 78, 80, and 295.

The system is aimed at reducing drive times and saving fleets fuel as well as reducing backups at weigh stations and improving overall highway safety.

Any trucking company is free to apply and enroll in the NJPass program. The New Jersey State Police will then be more discriminate about which commercial carriers, vehicles, and drivers are pulled into the weigh stations based on their credentials and history.

Enrolling companies will pay an annual fee calculated by fleet numbers and the length of time the company elects to participate in the program.

“This system will help to improve the operation of New Jersey’s weigh stations by focusing on higher risk carriers and provide more efficient use of our limited New Jersey State Police resources,” said Paul Truban, N.J. DOT’s manager of the Bureau of Freight Planning and Services.

Interested carriers can find out more at