Screenshot via SmartDrive

Screenshot via SmartDrive

SmartDrive Systems has introduced SmartIQ Segmentation, an expansion of its Transportation Intelligence Suite that enables fleets to optimize strategies based on relevant and predictive performances differences across driver and vehicle segments.

SmartIQ Segmentation brings together several different data sources on and off the vehicle to create performance comparisons across driver segments, such as "collision" vs. "non-collision" drivers; the top distracted drivers compared to the broader driver population; and drivers with years of experience compared to those with only a few.  

According to the company, SmartIQ Segmentation helps fleets design and customize programs, incentives and management engagement in order to be more effective in reaching specific driver groups and potentially lower costs.

"SmartDrive's analysis shows that collision drivers have twice as many near collisions, consume over seven percent more fuel and rank higher in every category of distraction,” said Steve Mitgang, CEO of SmartDrive. “Fleets need this information not as an interesting data point, but as actionable insights based on the performance of their own driver population.”

With SmartIQ Segmentation, fleets now have the ability to:

  • Develop more relevant training programs and onboarding strategies that are tuned to specific driver needs, such as collision propensity, actual distracted driving and years of CDL experience
  • Lower fuel costs by understanding the relationship between specific driver attributes like driving tenure and fuel consumption
  • Design bonus and reward programs that can improve multiple performance metrics concurrently
  • Reduce turnover by identifying the performance indicators of drivers who leave and those who stay
  • Direct management resources to those opportunities likely to have the highest impact and deliver greatest value to the business

SmartIQ Segmentation is available as a SmartIQ Pro Pack and includes performance dashboards and visualizations that can be filtered by pre-defined driver segments or by customized segments created through SmartDrive's Transportation Intelligence services team.

These graphical dashboards include KPIs and metrics, and are also easily configured to specific fleet needs. A broad range of metrics can be analyzed, including:

  • Demographic—age, gender, tenure with company and CDL license years
  • Behavioral:
  • Risk—collision rate, near-collision rates and types, distraction rates and types, SmartIQ Safety Score;
  • Driving performance—speeding, close following, unsafe lane departures, U-turns, running a red light, running a stop sign and tampering
  • Fuel consumption—overall, city MPG, highway MPG
  • Geographic—state, city, zip and GPS location

"We've made it easy for fleets to take action with performance metrics and prescriptive insights that can be accessed in our easy to use platform or exported to their own intelligence solution,” said Mitgang. “Now, by bringing fleets' own back-office data into the mix, fleets can take another leap forward in optimizing efficiency."