An integration that allows carriers in the non-asset and blended transportation business to model customer and carrier rate contracts across all transportation modes was announced Sept. 27 by TMW Systems at its joint-users conference with PeopleNet.

Integrating the 3G-TM rating engine and optimization algorithm with TMW Suite and TruckMate can provide a single system for managing both asset-based and non-asset based companies.

Carriers acting as brokers and 3PLs is “an ongoing trend in the industry and among our customer base,” David Wangler, president of TMW Systems said. The integration gives them the opportunity to manage all of their customer’s freight, rather than simply taking the loads they are offered, he said.

In an interview, Wangler said the new TMW Suite with enhanced rating feature gives customers the opportunity to do more for their customers. “It’s not just the load the carrier gets,” he said. It’s a way for a carrier to help their customers understand how to manage inbound and outbound freight.

With enhanced routing, TMW Suite and TruckMate users can calculate actual costs in advance for carrier or service selection, support electronic order entry uploads, analyze spot markets and cover more loads through operational efficiency.

Noting the continued convergence of brokers, 3PLs and carriers, Wangler said, “we see more of it every year.” While there are “still large parts of the industry that want to be a truckload carrier, running certain lanes and we have a solution for this. But if you want to get into the supply chain management side, we now have a solution for that.”

TMW Suite with advanced load planning feature allows users to consider all modes and carriers, multi-stops and pool distribution to build loads based on savings, real-time constraints and routing guides.