Image: Axalta Coating Systems

Image: Axalta Coating Systems

Philadelphia-based Axalta Coating Systems is bringing a new visual identity to its iconic Imron brand of polyurethane coatings, which are used by OEMs and, in selected markets, for the aftermarket repair of commercial vehicles.

Axalta said that Imron polyurethane enamel has been for decades the number-one finish of choice for leading heavy-duty truck, bus, and rail manufacturers.

The company said Imron boasts excellent durability, outstanding graffiti-resistant performance on topcoats and clears, reliable corrosion protection, and excellent resistance to chemicals and weathering, as well as shock and impact.

“I am excited to launch the new global branding for one of the most recognized commercial paint brands in the industry,” said Joseph Wood, Axalta’s vice president for Commercial Vehicle Coatings. “The new look and feel represents the superior qualities of Imron. Plus, this year as we celebrate Axalta’s 150th anniversary in the coatings industry, Imron will carry a new identity that we’re confident will continue to inspire the trust that our customers have placed in the brand for so many years."

The new logo for Imron incorporates three elements-- a diamond, a road, and a shield– which when combined reflect the attributes that customers have come to value in the Imron name, Axalta said.

The diamond represents Imron’s durability and toughness while the road conveys the tough environments where Imron is used and the shield conveys Imron’s promise to protect vehicles against the elements.

“For five decades, Imron has delivered beautiful finishes to commercial vehicle manufacturers and owners,” added Vanessa Navarro, Global Marketing Manager at Axalta. “The new, bold logo will help our customers identify the Imron brand around the globe and recognize it as the symbol of a superior quality finish for their vehicles.”

Axalta Coating Systems was created in 2013 after The Carlyle Group acquired DuPont Performance Coatings. Imron was introduced by DuPont in 1970.