Photo: Stoops Freightliner-Quality Trailer

Photo: Stoops Freightliner-Quality Trailer

Stoops Freightliner-Quality Trailer has developed a climate controlled straight truck called the Stoops Specialty Trucks Lite truck in response to customer demand.

Stoops says it reached out to key customers for input in building the SST Lite and collaborated with vendors to develop a design for the truck. The collaboration resulted in weight savings, with the new model weighing 25,580 pounds, which Stoops says is 2,200 pounds less than similar units.

Stoops partnered with Thermo King and Wabash national to provide refrigeration technology, using Thermo King’s T880 model Truck Refrigeration Unit with electronic throttling valve technology and modulation to provide tight temperature control. The truck uses Wabash National’s all-composite reefer body. The two companies worked together to create a spec specifically for the Expediter business, according to Stoops.

The new chassis is also equipped with Bendix disc brakes and the Bendix SmarTire Tire Pressure Monitor System that will alert drivers when a tire is losing air pressure to prevent damage to the tire.

Stoops is working with Bolt Custom Trucks to develop custom sleepers. Using a new composite material in the floor and cabinet bases, the truck still saves weight and has improved insulation.

Stoops is a part of a truck dealership group and serves customers at 23 locations in Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and Minnesota.