Farid Zaffar Photo courtesy of Truckstop.com

Farid Zaffar Photo courtesy of Truckstop.com

Truckstop.com has named Farid Zaffar the new general manager of the company’s load payment network, LoadPay.

Zaffar was previously with Finxera Inc., a payment processing company in Silicon Valley, and will use his experience with payment processing, and knowledge of the operations and technology behind LoadPay in his new role.

“I understand what it takes to move a product from Point A to Point B,” said Zaffar. “I enjoy being part of a company when it has just been launched. This is my backyard and I look forward to the challenge of making LoadPay the premier load payment processing network in the country.”

Zaffar will spend time at the Truckstop.com headquarters in New Plymouth, Idaho, but his office will eventually be located at the facility in Phoenix, Ariz. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California-Berkeley.

“We are excited about having Farid on board,” said Paris Cole, Truckstop.com Chief Executive Officer. “Farid has co-founded other businesses and understands what it takes to get a business up and running. His experience and expertise in payment processing make him the perfect person to lead LoadPay.”