Photo via Peterbilt

Photo via Peterbilt

TMC Transportation has ordered 1,500 Peterbilt Model 579s as part of a multi-year agreement, Peterbilt announced. TMC is a large flatbed carrier based in Des Moines, Iowa.

TMC’s fleet is made up of late-model trucks with premium specs, and the ordered Model 579s will be equipped with Peterbilt’s 80-inch sleepers. When the Model 579 came out in 2012, TMC ordered 1,500 units.

The trucks were purchased for their fuel efficiency, which factored into TMC’s decision to purchase 1,500 more, according to Peterbilt. TMC also took into consideration the look of the trucks which it uses to recruit and retain drivers.

“TMC has long been a Peterbilt partner,” said Rod Simon, TMC’s vice president of maintenance. “Peterbilt trucks help us recruit and keep the industry’s best drivers, and the distinctive styling and Peterbilt image help make TMC’s fleet the best-looking trucks on the road.”