Omnitracs has announced the breakout track and session lineup for its second annual user conference — Omnitracs Outlook 2016: Innovation for the Road Ahead — which will take place Jan. 31-Feb. 3, 2016, at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas.

The sessions follow six tracks that underscore the areas where Omnitracs’ offers products and services, including compliance, safety and security, productivity, planning and delivery, data and analytics, and innovations. Participants will have an opportunity to learn  about emerging and forecasted trends within each coverage area.

“We wanted to ensure our session tracks closely parallel the theme of ‘Innovation for the Road Ahead,’ while delivering actionable insights that are of value to all Omnitracs customers — whether a private or for-hire fleet, truckload, LTL or local pick-up or delivery option,” said John Graham, CEO of Omnitracs. “These sessions speak directly to the needs and concerns of all of our attendees, giving them the information, tools and resources necessary to improve operational efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance, which all contribute to a better bottom line.”

The six different breakout tracks will follow to the following curriculum:

Compliance: An opportunity to learn about how government regulations, cross-border controls and local rules contribute to an evolving regulatory landscape, and how fleets can select compliance solutions that stay a step ahead of new and changing regulations. Specific breakouts will cover topics such as the ELD Mandate, Prohibition of Coercion, and Hours of Service best practices.

Safety & Security: Safety is one of the largest concerns facing the transportation industry. Industry leaders will discuss how to coach and promote safe driving behaviors to prevent increased accidents, higher insurance premiums and fines for non-compliance. Specific sessions will touch on the impact of technology on fleet safety, cybersecurity threats, and cost-effective ways to improve CSA scores.

Productivity: Productivity and efficiency are key factors that contribute to business growth and profitability maintenance. Sessions will cover leveraging Omnitracs technology to reduce fuel costs, improve driver workflow, lower vehicle costs, and extend productivity in and out of the cab.

Planning & Delivery: Changing customer needs, time sensitivity, capacity restraints, driver preferences, and historical and real-time date flows, such as traffic and navigation, all contribute to the complexity of executing the perfect delivery. Information will cover solutions that balance business constraints around workers, orders, vehicles, and compliance to create the most efficient routes.

Data & Analytics: Fleets are constantly generating thousands of data points that hold the key to safety, driver retention, intelligent investment, and cost control. In this session, attendees will learn about the importance of predictive analytics, and how it can turn data into customized models that provide vision into the future of the business, thereby enabling proactive data-driven decision making and remediation.

Innovations: In these sessions, participants will learn about Omnitracs' latest product innovations in a broadened portfolio and a first look at upcoming new product launches.

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