The average price of a gallon of diesel fuel has increased, ending a three week streak of declining prices, according to the latest numbers from the Energy Department.

The average per-gallon price of diesel rose 1.7 cents last week, hitting $2.502 nationally. To keep that price in perspective, when compared to the same week a year ago, diesel is $1.175 cheaper per gallon.

While prices increased in most places, a notable exception was in the Rocky Mountain region where the average price decreased slightly by 0.9 cents. The largest increase in prices hit the Lower Atlantic region with a 2.8-cent gain.

The price of gasoline also increased last week, gaining 1.1 cents to hit $2.235 per gallon nationally. Not all areas saw price increases, with the Rocky Mountain region seeing a 5.9-cent decrease. The largest increase in prices was in the Central Atlantic region with a gain of 5.5 cents.

On Nov. 9, crude oil prices dropped, still reflecting concerns over China’s slowing economy and a strong U.S. dollar, according to a MarketWatch Report.