Power Heavy Duty's new website.

Power Heavy Duty's new website. 

Power Heavy Duty has launched a new website with an upgraded design and improved functionality for members, supplier partners and end-users.

The website, www.powerheavyduty.net, features a new Find a Location search to simplify the search for the nearest Power Heavy Duty member. It also includes a comprehensive supplier page that lists several manufacturers and a new Quick Links menu, which provides access to upcoming events, news and industry information.

Power Heavy Duty is a network of independent distributors and service specialists with more than 200 locations in North America.

 Another feature of the public side of the website is separate “Power for Suppliers” and “Power for Distributors” tabs. The pages provide useful information for suppliers and distributors who want to learn more about the Power Heavy Duty network and a click-through menu to contact the organization for more information.

“The new site provides an enhanced user experience, an improved brand experience, increased exposure for our supplier partners and new tools and resources for Power Heavy Duty members,” said Jeff Paul, director of marketing for Vipar Heavy Duty.