QuikQ’s Fuel Purchasing System will now integrate data from the TMW Systems Innovative transportation management software.

Using dispatch and driver data from the Innovative IES transportation management system, the integration with QuikQ’s Fuel Purchasing System will allow carriers to improve accuracy, speed and efficiency of the fuel purchasing process.

The integration also works with private-label versions of QuikQ FPS and the QuikQ processor can run on a fleet’s enterprise system instead of QuikQ’s data center.

“By accessing data within Innovative, we’re enabling our mutual customers to use their transportation management system to validate and authorize fuel purchases as they occur, and without having to access a third-party purchasing system and duplicate information,” said Ernie Betancourt, president of QuikQ.

“By eliminating the need for separate databases, and because QuikQ uses TMW dispatch, truck, trailer and driver records, our mutual customers will now have faster and better control of what is happening at the pump," he added.

The QuikQ Fuel Purchasing System processes fuel transactions between truck stops and carriers. Some of the new integrations with TMW software may require the purchase of additional software licenses and services from TMW Systems.