Orbcomm has launched OrbcommMobile, which offers mobile apps for the company’s services and its Orbcommconnect subscriber management portal.

The first of OrbcommMobile apps is the ReeferTrak cold chain monitoring solution. It allows customers to monitor and control refrigerated assets in real time from their mobile devices. ReeferTrak’s mobile app allows customers to view the location of their refrigerated assets and run pre-defined reports.

Customers can also access detailed status and maintenance reports that include dynamic temperature graphs. The graphs monitor an asset’s temperature and engine performance and maintain regulatory compliance.

Orbcomm has also developed a mobile app for the Orbcommconnect service that enables subscriber management through the app. Orbcomm users can monitor status, activate, suspend or deactivate a subscriber, change a price plan and access a snapshot view of device activity from their mobile devices.

Orbcomm’s mobile apps run on both iOS and Android devices.

“We are pleased to release mobile apps for our cold chain transportation and subscriber management services, which further demonstrates our commitment to technological advancement and making it easier for our customers to do business with Orbcomm remotely outside of the traditional office environment,” said Marc Eisenberg, Orbcomm’s CEO.

To access the OrbcommMobile apps for ReeferTrak and Orbcommconnect, please contact sales@orbcomm.com. These apps are also scheduled to be available through the Apple Store and Google Play in the fourth quarter of 2015.