Image via Cargomatic

Image via Cargomatic 

Cargomatic announced the shipping platform’s official launch into the New York City metropolitan market.

Cargomatic has been in a beta stage in new York since early 2015 and in that time it has expedited thousands of local shipments throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Shippers already using the Cargomatic app include manufacturers, startups and logistics companies like Amazon, Boxed Wholesale, Capacity LLC., and BNSF Logistics.

Cargomatic is a technology platform that connects shippers and truckers. Using the app, shippers can locate nearby truckers who have available freight capacity.It also allows shippers to track freight online in real-time and gives truckers the ability to fill empty space on their trucks.

The platform has been in use in Southern California since 2014 completing thousands of shipments in the region, according to Cargomatic.

“We are thrilled to bring Cargomatic to New York,” said Jonathan Kessler, Cargomatic CEO. “We have experienced 10-times growth over the past year, which makes us confident that the transparency and efficiency that Cargomatic provides will be embraced in the nation’s largest metropolitan region, and at its second busiest port.”