Photo: Carnegie Hero Fund Commission

Photo: Carnegie Hero Fund Commission

The Carnegie Hero Fund Commission awarded trucker Clinton Blackburn a Carnegie Medal for his efforts to save a county jailer who was being assaulted in his vehicle.

While driving on the highway, a prisoner in the back seat of a sheriff’s car managed to free himself of his handcuffs and began to choke the jailer from behind. The jailer, Darrell L. Herndon, maintained control of his vehicle, braking and pulling off to the side.

Blackburn noticed the vehicle abruptly pull off the road and saw the two men struggling. He pulled his truck over and ran to Herndon’s aid. Blackburn managed to free Herndon of the prisoner, who had made his way into the front seat and was choking the jailer.

The assailant grabbed Herndon’s gun in the melee and threatened to kill both men. However, Blackburn was able to wrestle the gun away from the man and held him at gunpoint until the jailer could secure him. Both men sustained minor injuries but recovered fully.

The Carnegie Medal is awarded to men and women who risk their lives while saving or attempting to save the lives of others.  Each of the medal recipients also receives a financial grant from the Carnegie Hero Fund. For the same act, Blackburn was also the recipient of the Goodyear Highway Hero Award earlier this year.