FreightWatch International is reminding transportation companies, shippers and manufacturers of the increased cargo theft risk for the upcoming Fourth of July Weekend.

Organized theft rings are more active around holidays because shipments are often unattended for extended periods of time, says FreightWatch. Thefts occurring over Independence Day weekends from 2010 – 2014 have had an average value of $145,267 and included eight different incidents with values over $250,000.

FreightWatch is recommending that logistics and security professionals ensure security protocols are up to date and in line with industry best practices for in-transit and warehouse operations. It believes that both of these will be heavily targeted over the weekend through traditional and non-traditional cargo theft methods.

FreightWatch listed some notable thefts from previous Independence Day Weekends which included:

  • 2014 – Full truckload theft of tablets in Georgia
  • 2014 – Facility theft of $451,000 in cell phones in Florida
  • 2014 – Full truckload theft of $200,000 of meat in Texas
  • 2013 – Fictitious pickup of produce in California
  • 2013 – Pilferage of $257,000 of cigarettes and televisions in New Jersey
  • 2012 – Fictitious pickup of $263,000 of building supplies in California
  • 2011 – Full truckload theft of pharmaceuticals in Illinois
  • 2010 – Facility theft of $300,000 in currency in New York