Rep. Bill Shuster and Rep. Paul Ryan released a joint statement about their own proposal to extend spending authority for the Highway Trust Fund through the end of July. 

While the two congressmen would have preferred funding that lasted through the end of the year, they stated that extending spending authority through July will provide time to negotiate a more long term solution. Shuster heads the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and Ryan heads the House Ways and Means Committee. 

“This legislation will allow transportation spending to continue through July, while we work towards a next step to close the Trust Fund’s shortfall,” the congressmen stated in a release.

Prior to the legislation, Ryan came out in favor of a short term patch, saying that there wasn’t enough time left to make the long term reforms he was seeking on corporate taxes. 

Shuster and Ryan believe it will take a bipartisan effort to achieve a more permanent reform.

“Doing so will require our colleagues on both sides of the aisle to be constructive in working towards a solution,” stated the release. “Only then will we be able to produce a plan that gives states the certainty they need to build the roads, bridges, and other infrastructure our communities and economy need to thrive.”