Chevron's Jim McGeehan Photo: Chevron

Chevron's Jim McGeehan Photo: Chevron

James (Jim) McGeehan, Consulting Scientist for Delo engine oils, has elected to retire from Chevron effective June 30, 2015, according to Chevron Products Co. Noting his 39 years of service to Chevron, the company saluted McGeehan as the lead formulating scientist of its heavy-duty engine oil product line.

“I would like to thank Jim for his dedication, passion and many contributions and mentorship to our company, personnel and industry over the past four decades,” stated said Brian Stripling, General Manager Brand, Technology & Original Equipment Manufacturer, Chevron Products Co. “He has been a leader in our Lubricants Formulating Team and has set a high standard for all of us to follow into the future.”

McGeehan launched his career with Chevron in 1976 as a Research Engineer with Chevron Research Co.

During his tenure, he has served as the Global Manager of Diesel Engine Oil Technology and was responsible for all global heavy-duty engine oil development and coordinating all diesel engine programs for Chevron’s lubricants businesses.

In particular, Chevron pointed out his leadership of the team responsible for the successful development of Chevron Delo 400, which the company said is now a global product meeting worldwide requirements.

McGeehan and his extended formulating team were honored last year by the Society of Automotive Engineers with an Award for Research on Automotive Lubricants for the best technical paper related to the Adaption of Lubricants, Lubricated Automotive Systems or Components (SAE Paper 2012-01-1709).

McGeehan has held membership in the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in the UK since 1971. He was, appointed a SAE Fellow in 1989 and a Chevron Fellow in 2002. The company said that as a Chevron Fellow, he has provided mentoring, including the development of skills for delivering technical presentations.

He has also served as Chairman of the ASTM Heavy-Duty Engine Oil Classification Panel since 1987.

Chevron said that McGeehan and his team have been “responsible for establishing progressively improved Heavy Duty Motor oil categories that helped increase engine durability and reduce emissions. He successfully led the introduction of seven categories from API CE through CJ-4.”

One of many Delo heavy-duty oil products developed during Jim McGeehan's long career at Chevron. Photo:Chevron

One of many Delo heavy-duty oil products developed during Jim McGeehan's long career at Chevron. Photo:Chevron

McGeehan has also been involved in the final development of the Proposed Category 11 (PC-11) requirements, which are slated for licensing on December 1, 2016.

“Jim’s passion and visionary outlook for developing Chevron Heavy Duty Engine oils was key to elevating Chevron’s Delo Brand to a top tier category performer over the years and we are indebted to his efforts in developing Delo’s superb reputation,” remarked Leonard J. Badal, Jr, Chevron’s Global Commercial Brands Manager.

The company added that the “Delo Heavy Duty Engine Oil Brand will be well served from Jim’s mentorship of a larger brand, technology and OEM team targeting additional growth of Delo Products into the marketplace for the future.”

Chevron noted that Shawn Whitacre, Senior Staff Engineer, Technology, will serve as McGeehan's direct replacement. He is currently the lead formulator responsible for development of Chevron’s PC-11 product line upgrade.