PeopleNet upgraded its web-based interface mapping technology with the ALK Maps interactive mapping platform. The update will give fleet managers access to several of ALK’s mapping features.

Fleet managers will be able to see data such as weather radar and traffic level overlays to allow them to plan and schedule routes more efficiently. Users of PeopleNet’s web-based interface maps will also gain an automated workflow tool, which gives dispatch specific information on each vehicle for approaches, arrivals and departures.

Other features added include:

  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Actual arrival time
  • Estimated time of departure
  • Fuel levels
  • Odometer tracking
  • Distance from actual stop
  • Date and time of last call-in

“Due to ALK’s extensive history serving the transportation industry, we recognize the importance of providing enhanced mapping and workflow features to both drivers and back office managers,” said Rishi Mehra, senior product manager, Enterprise Solutions at ALK. “Through our weather overlay, for example, fleets can more easily navigate and plan in accordance with inclement weather conditions thereby finding a more efficient route and improving the safety of their drivers.”

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