Users of ComFreight’s Freight Marketplace, Load Board and Rate Index applications can integrate these applications with their back office software thanks to a new API  introduced by ComFreight on Feb. 14. The software\includes a trucking management system, data warehouse management system and order management system 

The company said the new API and integration will allow shippers to automatically post available loads to the ComFreight platform without extra data entry.

For trucking fleets, the API can be configured to automatically accept freight or post available truck or trailer space, which ComFreight says will allow for easier freight matching.

In a release announcing the API, ComFreight CEO Steve Kochan said, “We are working to make the process of receiving competing bids and filling extra available trailers space in commercial trucking easier and less time consuming” by automatically matching the data users already have in their own systems.

There is no setup charges or extra fees required for the new API. For more information, click here