Photo: KLLM

Photo: KLLM

KLLM-Frozen Food Express announced that it would be installing Truck-Lite LED forward lighting on all of its new trucks. It will begin installing the lighting on all 2016 Freightliner and Volvo models, nearly 700 trucks, in February 2015.

KLLM-Frozen Food Express is based in Richland, Miss., and operates over 3,500 trucks and 5,000 trailers.

“This is a complement to our existing suite of safety features,” said Jim Richards, president of KLLM-Frozen Food Express. “Driver safety has always been our number one priority and we feel that this improvement is a key step in keeping safety first.”

Truck-Lite’s LED headlights offer improved driver visibility at night as well as increased daytime visibility, according to the company. The LED lights also draw fewer amps from a vehicle’s electrical system, which Truck-Lite says can result in 50 times longer lighting system life than conventional halogen technology.

"This fleet has decided to go all in on safety," Truck-Lite spokesman Mitchell Wilston told HDT. "We see a lot of fleets with a gradual transition but, for the size of the fleet, this is a rather abrupt conversion.

"Just a few years ago, LED lighting was looked at as an expensive upgrade. More and more, fleets are coming to the conclusion that what was once considered a large expense is a small price to pay for a dramatic increase in safety."