Debra Dunn: Photo via Synergy Resources Group

Debra Dunn: Photo via Synergy Resources Group

Oregon Trucking Associations President Debra Dunn resigned from her four-year post on Nov. 7

According to a release from the group, she will work on developing her consulting firm, Synergy Resources Group, where she specializes in working with businesses, nonprofit organizations and closely held family organizations. Dunn also plans to maintain her role as a transportation policy advisor, working with government agencies to resolve conflicts and leading grassroots campaigns.

“My time with OTA was both fulfilling and challenging as the trucking industry encountered a number of changes,” said Dunn, “Even with the ongoing issues that trucking is facing, I believe OTA is in a good position to help guide Oregon trucking businesses into the future.”

The board of directors at Oregon Trucking Associations is currently interviewing candidates to fill Dunn’s position. In the interim, Bob Russell, former legislative affairs director, who retired at the end of October, has stepped in to serve as interim president until a replacement can be found.