Areas in red and orange indicate areas of most truck cargo thefts. Graphic: FreightWatch International

Areas in red and orange indicate areas of most truck cargo thefts. Graphic: FreightWatch International

The number of truck cargo thefts and the average value both fell in May through July, according to a new report released by the logistics security services provider FreightWatch International.

In this rolling quarter FreightWatch recorded a total of 179 thefts in the United States, with 66 thefts in May, 53 in June and 60 in July.

The average loss value per incident during the period was $151,174. Compared with the previous three-month period, thefts decreased by 12%, while the average loss value fell by 35%.

While the average loss value across all product types was $151,174 for the rolling quarter, average losses for specific types varied widely. The pharmaceuticals sector had the highest average loss value this quarter at $2 million. Alcohol/tobacco, which experienced seven thefts, averaged $469,707 in losses. Electronics followed with an average loss value of $243,559. The average loss value in the personal care product type increased from $128,250 to $238,527, putting it in fourth place.

Food/drinks, with 37 thefts, is the product type most often stolen. They comprised 21% of all incidents during the three-month period. The electronics industry experienced 32 thefts, 18% of the total, while here were 21 thefts, 12% of all incidents, in the building/industrial product type. Eight of the 13 FreightWatch product types tracked experienced fewer thefts this quarter than during the previous three months.

During this rolling quarter, Florida experienced the most thefts with 43 incidents, 24% of the total, a slight decrease from the 44 thefts recorded in Florida for the previous rolling quarter. California followed with 35 incidents, 20% of all thefts, a decrease from 43 incidents the previous rolling quarter. Texas had 14% of the total while Georgia had 9%, making them the third and fourth hardest hit states.

Of the incidents in which a location type was recorded, unsecured parking was the most common by far, with 80% of the total.

Following the normal trend, thefts of trailers/containers, 137 in all, were most common during the rolling quarter, representing 77% of all thefts.