Nevada transportation officials are hoping to reopen sometime Friday a section of Interstate 15 between Las Vegas and the Utah that has been closed since Monday, due to flooding that resulted in damage to the route. However, it remains unclear if trucks will be able to use the route once its back up and running

The area is both directions, from mile marker 75 to 93, north of Las Vegas between Glendale & Mesquite in Clark County, according to the Nevada Transportation Department.

A 250-mile detour for commercial vehicles has been set up. Officials are warning to expect traffic delays.

  • Northbound: Take I-15, turn onto US 93 northbound and proceed to Panaca, Nevada. At Panaca, turn onto Nevada State Route 319, which turns into Utah State Route 56 and go east to Beryl Junction where you will turn south onto Utah State Route 18 to St. George.
  • Southbound: In St. George, Utah, go north on Utah State Route 18 and proceed to Beryl Junction where you will turn west onto Utah State Route 56, which becomes Nevada State Route 319, then proceed west to the town of Panaca where you can turn south onto US93 to I-15 north of Las Vegas.

According to published reports, traffic along the detour routes has been extremely heavy with delays at times taking far longer than it would normally take to drive the extra miles.

KSNV-TV in Las Vegas reported Wednesday evening one Nevada DOT official said they were not sure if a temporary road being built to reopen I-15 would be able to accommodate the weight of commercial trucks.  The report also said it could take weeks to have the section of I-15 fully repaired.

Passenger vehicles have a much shorter detour of 43 miles.

  • Northbound: Take I-15 north to exit 75, drive through the Valley of Fire Highway, turn north on Highway 169. This will connect you back to I-15 northbound above the washout.
  • Southbound: Take I-15 southbound through Mesquite, take exit 93, then Highway 169 southbound to the Valley of Fire Highway. This will connect you back onto I-15 below the washout.

It is estimated repairs to I-15 will cost around $5 million