Photo via Blu.

Photo via Blu.

Blu has launched a new gas recapture system for its LNG fueling station in Nampa, Idaho.

The system is the first of its kind in the country, according to the company, and the result of Blu's partnership with Intermountain Gas Company.

The recapture system prevents the venting of LNG into the atmosphere by capturing boil-off gas from the LNG storage tank and returning it to the Intermountain natural gas pipeline. The boil-off LNG is put into a pressure regulator, warmed and returned to gas form. The gas is then metered and sold back to Intermountain and put back in the pipeline.

“By returning excess gas to the natural gas distribution system, we are increasing efficiency, saving money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions," said Blu CEO Merritt Norton.

This is the start of a larger initiative by Blu to make LNG the preferred alternative fuel source by implementing efficient fueling solutions at all of its LNG fueling stations. There are also plans to install gas recapture systems at other stations in Idaho and eventually at all stations that have access to a nearby gas pipeline.