The Trucking Industry Mobility and Technology Coalition and the U.S. Department of Transportation invite industry stakeholders to learn how technology assessment tools can help carriers identify investment opportunities and improve operations.

The webinar will be held on Aug. 7 from 2-3:30 p.m. ET.

XRS, a mobile trucking intelligence company, will provide an overview of how carriers currently look at technology investments. Representatives from Productivity Apex Inc. and URS Corporation will then discuss two new assessment tools developed by the Federal Highway Administration.

The web-based “Freight Technology Assessment Tool," available to both private and public sectors, allows users to evaluate potential technologies and their effect on business performance across a wide range of metrics. The “Benefit-Cost Analysis Tool” is designed for state DOTs to estimate the cost effectiveness of implementing fright-related transportation technologies.

The three speakers are Tom Cuthbertson, vice president, regulatory compliance, XRS; Jason Weiss, principal economist, URS; and Fabio Zavagini, operations research and business analyst, Productivity Apex.

Registration for the webinar is free. Participants can sign up at