Alcoa Wheels has created a social media photo sharing campaign and contest.

From now through Sept. 15, Alcoa encourages social media followers and contestants to follow the company on Twitter (@AlcoaWheels) and  on Instagram (@AlcoaWheels); snap eligible photos of their trucks fitted with Alcoa Wheels in interesting environments, on the road or with their owner; and tag the images with the hashtag #AlcoaWheels.

The posting must comply with the terms of service and use of Twitter and Instagram. Completing these steps will result in automatic entrance into the official photo sharing contest.

While the contest is a dedicated to social media activity and carried out primarily through Twitter and Instagram, Alcoa Wheels will offer those not active on social media, but wishing to participate, the opportunity to email their photos to

“We have found that our fans and followers love to show us their Alcoa wheels,” said Brian Thomas, Alcoa Wheels’ marketing communications manager. “Most often, when they share these photos, it’s an indication of their high level of pride for their wheels, their trucks and their lifestyles. We want this campaign to reflect the love and passion that drivers, stakeholders and fleets have for their trucks."

The company will also dedicate certain weeks within the campaign time period as theme weeks, and ask followers to showcase specific types of photos.

The company will announce a number of category winners and award them merchandise. Winners will be contacted using the Direct Message and/or Comment features on Twitter and Instagram or emailed from