Mack Trucks will spend $26 million to upgrade its Macungie Cab & Vehicle Assembly facility in Macungie, Penn.

The investment includes a comprehensive realignment of sub-assembly and material handling to more efficiently support the main vehicle assembly lines, according to the company. The plant will also implement new processes and install new equipment to improve its post-production inspection and testing of completed vehicles.

Two new dynamometers, which allow completed trucks to run on stationary rollers for enhanced testing of a variety of engine and vehicle systems, will be installed as part of the upgrade.

“Along with a product line-up and a dealer network that have never been stronger, this latest significant investment in our facilities sends a clear message that Mack is poised to grow our business,” said Stephen Roy, president of Mack Trucks North American, sales and marketing.

Mack is the sister company to Volvo Trucks, both owned by the Volvo Group.