Christenson Transportation, Progressive Transportation's agent carrier, has expanded its arrangement with the Florida East Coast Railway to provide more reliable shipping between the Northeast and Florida, according to the company.

Under the agreement, which began in the summer of 2012, the Florida East Coast Railway agreed to provide rail trailers to Christenson for their exclusive use. As a result, delivery times fell, allowing for two-day shipping from the Tennessee-Kentucky border to Florida.

The companies have now expanded their reach into Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio, which has quadrupled the customer base using the two-day service, according to a release.

The railway brings the trailers to Christenson Transportation's terminal where they are stored, distributed, loaded and brought back. This allows the Florida East Coast Railway to make the turn from Atlanta back to the rail ramp in the same day without a break in hours-of-service. These trailers can accommodate up to 53-foot rail boxes.

"We are now averaging 1,400 loads per year on this one lane with the FEC," said Paul Stykitus, Christenson's director of sales. "We've done very well in aggressively pursuing the accommodation of additional volume and meeting the challenges of customer requirements."