Mark Lowthorp, a long time driver for Marten Transport, has been awarded the Darrell Hick’s Memorial Ambassador of the Year award.  He has been a Trucker Buddy for almost 20 years.

"Mark has been an excellent Ambassador for Trucker Buddy," said Randy Schwartzenburg, Trucker Buddy International executive director. “He's sacrificed his time and energy to help us recruit other drivers into the program and to represent Trucker Buddy at key industry trade shows and events. Without the help of Ambassadors like Mark, we simply could not fulfill our mission to improve the image of drivers and encourage over 60,000 students to excel in school each year.”

In addition to outstanding Trucker Buddy Ambassadors, Schwartzenburg notes that an invaluable part of the program is the generous assistance of motor carriers like Marten Transport. “These carriers route the ambassadors to the shows and support their efforts making them such valuable partners in our work,” he says.

Ambassadors are seasoned, veteran Trucker Buddies who see the need to help Trucker Buddy by working trade show booths, recruiting drivers at truck stops and offering meaningful suggestions to help improve the program.

Named for the late Darrell Hicks, long time Trucker Buddy, Board Member and Ambassador, the award is bestowed upon individuals as selected by the Ambassador leadership.