Bulk chemical hauler Quality Carriers has expanded its operations in the Houston area due to increasing business from the natural gas sector.

"The natural gas revolution in North America is dramatically impacting the domestic petrochemical industry. Our customers continue to expand in the Gulf region and have asked us to bring more capacity to the heart of this exciting market," said Randy Strutz, President or Quality Carriers. "Last year, we added two new Houston area terminals in Pasadena and LaPorte, to complement our Channelview facility. We are now adding a fourth area terminal, located in Houston. 

This follows the company announcing earlier this month it expanded into the West Texas market, with a new terminal in Sweetwater. It is just off I-20, about 100 miles from Midland and 200 miles from Dallas

Florida-based Quality Carriers is owned by Quality Distribution, one of the largest chemical bulk logistics network in North America.