TMC, NASHVILLE – Accuride unveiled two new aluminum wheels for wide-single tires that are up to 4 pounds lighter than the models they replace. With the addition of the Accu-Lite Duplex line of aluminum wheels to its portfolio, Accuride claims it has the lightest-weight range of standard aluminum wheels, based on total weight, in the North American commercial vehicle industry.

The model 41142, a 22.5 x 14.00 2-inch outset wheel weighs 56 pounds, while the 0.50-inch outset version, model 41140, weighs just 55 pounds.

By reengineering the design of these prior Duplex models, Accuride reduced the weight of PN 41660 by 3 pounds and PN 41016 by 4 pounds. The wheels were assigned new part numbers to make it easier to identify them as zero-outset (PN41140) or two-inch-outset (PN41142) wheels. Both 10-hand-hole, hub-piloted aluminum wheels are rated to support a maximum load of 12,800 pounds.

“When it comes to giving fleets the ideal solution for their application, Accuride is the only wheel manufacturer capable of offering alternatives in either steel or aluminum,” said Rick Dauch, Accuride President and CEO.  “Along with our advanced new Steel Armor coating for steel wheels, these new Accu-Lite Duplex aluminum wheels give fleets even more ways to save money by lowering total tractor-trailer weight, boosting fuel economy and payload, trimming maintenance costs and a host of related benefits.”

Key features and benefits of the new 14-inch Accu-Lite aluminum Duplex wheels include:

  • Consistent quality – Advanced, state-of-the-art machining and polishing processes ensure consistent quality, reliability and a superior high-gloss finish.
  • Forged-in durability – The one-piece forged aluminum wheel design provides increased strength and eliminates the porosity that can permit cracks or corrosion to occur.
  • Made in the USA and Mexico – American-made at Accuride’s aluminum wheel facility in Erie, Pa., and manufactured at its Monterrey plant for Accuride’s fleet customers in Mexico.
  • Increased production capacity at the Erie Penn. manufacturing facility ensures Accuride will always have inventory available when the orders come in.

Accuride offers polish as standard on all of its Accu-Lite aluminum wheels. Both new 14-inch Duplex wheels are available with Accuride’s standard polish (SP) or extra-polish (XP) finishes.

The new Duplex wheels are already on the road in fleet service and available for specification from Accuride’s OEM customers. Accuride executives announced the new products at the ATA Technology and Maintenance Council 2014 Annual Meeting and Exposition in Nashville, Tenn.