FPInnovations’ Performance Innovation Transport (PIT) group now offers a technology certification program that allows consumers to identify the fuel efficiency value of almost any fuel-saving technology.

Called PIT Power, the new certification program is based on the internationally recognized Energotest, and uses the latest Society of Automotive Engineers J-1321 (2012) test protocol.

"Energotest is the industry’s most accurate, independent and indisputable evaluation process of the return on investment fleets can expect from green technology," says Yves Provencher, director of PIT.

Speaking at a launch event on Tuesday, Provencher said he believes the published and highly visible results PIT Power offers will encourage suppliers to improve their product.

"Once a supplier has the certification needed for something like SmartWay, there's little incentive to take it beyond that to say six or seven percent," he said. "We know the fleets trust the Energotest, and we know suppliers value being about to tout their results. Now, the supplier can compete on results too, and the fleets can benefit from knowing more about their technology investment."

PIT Power provides suppliers who submit technologies for evaluation with the credibility associated with an exact, indisputable fuel economy ranking. The ratings start at 2, which indicates a 2% fuel savings, and has no upper limit. A supplier that receives a PIT Power rating can demonstrate its achievement by posting the PIT Power logo on its product. Fleets can look for technologies displaying PIT Power ratings as proof of performance.

“Suppliers can take advantage of this new certification process to demonstrate the real value of their technologies," says Provencher. "Fleets will appreciate that investing in technologies certified PIT Power will benefit their operations. PIT Power is a clearly a win-win approach."

Based in Montréal, Québec, Performance Innovation Transport (PIT) is an unbiased, neutral testing organization helping manufacturers evaluate and refine prototypes and fleet managers select the best technologies to reduce costs and environmental impact. PIT works in cooperation with the U.S. SmartWay Transport Partnership, Natural Resources Canada, and Environment Canada who has selected PIT as the benchmark facility for testing green transportation technologies. Membership in PIT has grown to include 36 fleets, 18 municipalities and four federal and provincial government agencies. For more information about PIT, visit pit.fpinnovations.ca.